How To Reach London From All Main European Cities

London, view of Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster BridgeLondon is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Every year, millions of people make their way to the capital of the United Kingdom. London is a popular destination among foreign tourists. Out of all the foreign tourists that visit London every year, a large proportion is of people from the European Union.

Hundreds and thousands of people from the EU make their way to London through different means of transportation. Citizens of the European Union have a lot of options on their hands. Both EU residents and foreign tourists can visit London through different modes of transportation. Let’s take a look at a few ways people can reach London from different European cities.

How To Reach London From Paris

There are four ways you can get to London from Paris. These include coach, plane, train and ferry. The ferry is the least favourite mode of travel between the cities. Air travel is also not recommended for this journey.  With air travel, you will not be able to experience a city centre to city centre trip. Instead, you will be part of a transit flight. If you want the cheapest option for your trip to London then you will have to take a journey of around 8 hours on a coach, These coaches are very comfortable however the long journey might annoy some passengers. National Express and Flixbus all offer competitive rates for bus travel from Paris to London. The best and the fastest way to get to London from Paris is through the train, through Euro Star trains to be precise. It takes only around 2 hours and 16 minutes to complete the journey.

There are different classes in the train and each class has a different rate. A return ticket might cost you somewhere around £60 for standard class seats. For the business premier class, a ticket from Paris to London can be bought for £490. Adults are charged relatively more than children. The fares may vary on special occasions like Christmas.

How To Get From Madrid To London

The London Tower bridge at sunriseIf you are looking for options on how to reach London from Madrid then the fastest way to is through air travel. If you are looking to travel to London from Madrid then you have three viable travel options. You can either take a bus, take the train or get on a flight to London. These days you can find some amazingly low priced air tickets from Madrid to London. You can also take the train but train travel from Madrid to London is expensive as compared to other modes of transportation. Coach companies like Flixbus offer amazing travel packages from Madrid to London.  It might take you more than 1 day to travel from Madrid to London through a coach however coached like Flixbus are highly comfortable and make for an amazing travel experience.

How To Reach London From Prague

There are no direct coaches from Prague to London. However, you can take a bus from Prague to Bruges, Brussels and then take a coach from there to London. Different bus companies charge different rates but on average the entire journey might cost you somewhere around £50.  Megabus, Eurolines and Flixbus all offer great rates for travel from Prague to London. If you want to travel by coach then Flixbus coaches are ideal for long travels. The journey would, however, be quite long. It will take about 17 hours to complete. Travelling by train will cost you more money than a bus and a plane. A direct flight from Prague to London will only take around 2 hours and it will cost you around £30. This shows that the best way to travel from Prague to London is through air travel.

How To Get From Vienna To London

There are many different travelling options for people looking to travel from Vienna to London. You can take a direct high-speed train however if no tickets are available for high-speed trains, you can go for other options. You can go for other train options however they will have a few stops during the journey. Flying is also a great option for people looking to travel from Vienna to London. You can find flights as cheap as £18. However cheap flights mean high demand. These tickets are sold very quickly. The best alternative in such a case is a bus trip. Coach companies like RegioJet, Flixbus and National Express, all offer great packages for people looking to travel from Vienna to London.

How To Reach London From Brussels

Studies have shown that hundreds and thousands of people travel from Brussels to London every month. So if you are looking for ways on how to reach London from Brussels then know that you have a lot of options. Travelling from Brussels to London has never been this easy. These days you have several different options and modes of transportation for traveling from Brussels to London. You can either take the bus, train or air travel. There isn’t a lot of difference between the cost of travel for different modes of transportation. You can travel through the Eurostar train for only around 56 euros. It will only take you around 2 hours to reach London through the train. You can also take the bus. Some bus rides to London cost as low as £13 which makes buses and coaches a great travelling option for a trip from Brussels to London.

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