Avlo Trains: Set To Rock The Transportation Network In Spain

Avlo high-speed trainsSpain is known to have one of the best transportation networks in Europe. However, Spain’s transportation network is set to get a boost with the introduction of high speed and high-quality train Avlo.


Avlo is being launched by Spain’s most prominent national passenger operator ‘Renfe’. What Renfe is doing is that they are upgrading their old trains into Avlo trains.  The upgrade works on increasing the seating arrangement and making other small but significant modifications to the train. Renfe has already converted its high speed 112 series trains into AVLO trains. There are also plans for converting the 106 high-speed series trains into Avlo trains as well.

Launch Date

The Avlo train is set to launch on the 6th of April.  The train will start with 3 round trips every day. The round trips will take place between Barcelona and Madrid. The train will also make a stop in Zaragoza. With time, new routes will be added to the mix as well. The first additional route will be added in May and then another additional route will be added in September of this year.

Ticket Price

From 27 January Avlo has made an offer a promotional price tag of €5 for the first 1000 tickets every day which lasts in 10 days. The Avlo tickets will be sold at a range of €10 to €60 once the promotional days are over. The charges will depend on the date, time, and other factors.

Features Of Avlo Train

Avlo trains offer a great experience travelling experience with a wide range of amazing features. Its main competitive advantage comes from the fact that it is a low-cost high-speed train. The price factor is the thing to look out for. Avlo is marketing itself based on the amazing price it offers.

Complete Upgrade Of Old Trains

For the time being Renfe isn’t manufacturing any new locomotives.  The company is upgrading its old trains into Avlo trains. This is not only great for Renfe for also for the environment itself. The upgrades bring a lot of new features and additional seatings to the old trains.

Comfortability With Avlo Train

Avlo train will provide a comfort experience like no other train. Avlo trains have two of the most important features preferred by travellers i.e. Low prices and comfortability. The low price and high comfort will definitely add a lot of value to the entire travelling experience.

High-Speed Avlo Train

Even though Avlo trains are an upgrade of Renfe’s old trains, they still offer a very high-speed rail experience.

Low Cost

There are different high-speed trains operating in Spain so the price factor is very important when brands try to create a competitive advantage. This is the most prominent feature of Avlo trains. Renfe offers a lot of amazing train services but it takes high pride in offering low-cost trains like Avlo. With time, the brand is set to launch new trains with new routes which will further cement its legacy as a low-cost high-speed railway brand in Spain.

Avlo is set to launch its first train in April and it is projected that it will quickly become one of the most prominent train brands in the country. Check out their website for more information