How does Covid-19 impact on UK transportation ?


Panic and disarray have struck the UK. Coronavirus is at its peak Worldwide. A pandemic has struck the World. The World Health Organization is urging all nations to take steep measures to combat the Coronavirus. What about the impact of Covid-19 on the transportation system?

How does Coronovirus impact on UK transportation?

UK response in the afternoon of 12 March 2020 was a very laid-back approach of don’t worry everything is in hand but remember we may have a few fatalities including loved ones. If anyone in the nation has a cough and fever just self-isolate for 7 days. That’s all we need to do and let’s not forget washing our hands with the happy birthday song. This wasn’t reassuring at all to the UK public. However, while this was Boris Johnson’s approach things changed drastically overnight around the whole World. Borders closing, schools closing and also ban on travel.

When it comes to the UK and the travel system, no changes have been made. At the moment, business is as usual. People are commuting left, right and centre. Trains are full to capacity with the added addition of the new accessory of the face mask in toe.

Public transport is the key place that the Coronavirus will be breeding at a rapid pace. National Express which is a leading coach travel company has stated that everything is normal and they will continue to keep the best hygiene and cleaning system they always had.

National Express has offered to change the publics ticket dates if they are between 13 March to 13 April 2020. The company will keep updated with the UK public Health and will introduce new measures when required.

Unlike the National Express stance, West Midlands rail has decided to deep clean its trains. Basically, cleaning the surfaces and other areas. They will train staff on hygiene and make sure everything is disinfected.

What is the current situation in London transportation?

The UK capital, city of London is taking on a massive cleaning regime. Transport for London wants to make sure everything is deep cleaned to stop the Coronavirus. The underground and bus networks will be cleaned with disinfectant. They will be cleaning as normally but more rigorously.

Over the weekend between 14 March and 15 March the London tube line is closed for the clean. People have been advised to check to see if they are affected by the close. However, the advice is to travel by bus or taxi. Then again, these modes of transport also have the risk of the Coronavirus.

During Transport for London’s deep clean, they will also test out a new disinfectant. They say it will give 30 days of anti-viral protection. Time will tell if this is actually true and also how it will affect the Governments pocket.

Flight cancellations

Another place that the Coronavirus is affecting is traveling on flights. Many UK companies have cancelled flights. British Airways has cancelled flights to Italy. Easy Jet is in the process of flight cancellation and Rynair has cancelled its flights. Many other companies have decided to carry on flying empty.

Other countries have decided to check passengers on entry with scanners. The UK Government has decided not to use these at airports. They state that scientifically the scanners have a 25% success rate. However, our alias the USA disagree and have started using scanners at airports.

Behind closed doors, the Government is in negotiations with flight companies to make sure stranded passengers abroad can be brought back. No official plan of repatriation has been decided on.

UK has not placed a travel ban like the USA. Instead, restrictions have been put in place from visiting countries like Italy and China that have seen a sudden surge of Coronavirus cases.

The best advice in the UK is before traveling abroad check the Government website

Also check if you have travel insurance to make sure the flight taken will be covered. Companies may not cover the Coronavirus. So only essential travel abroad should be carefully considered.

Breaking News. UK flights through Tui and Jet2 have been canceled to Spain. EasyJet is carrying on as usual to the country. 1,500 Coronavirus cases have risen in Spain in just one day. That takes the total to 5,700 cases. Spain has declared a state of emergency. What will the UK do?  Will they stop travel abroad and transportation in the country? It’s a waiting game. Only time will tell.