The Best Christmas Destinations In Europe In 2019

Places to visit during Christmas holiday
Christmas celebrations take place in a grand style in Europe. Many cities in Europe still follow the old and traditional Christmas customs. The amazing architecture, rich history, winter festivals and stunning decorations all make Christmas a great experience for people looking for best Christmas destinations in Europe.

If you have any plans of visiting Europe during the holiday season then we have got just the thing for you. Here is a list of best Christmas destinations in Europe for you to check out.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe. Shining lights engulf and illuminate the city of love during the holiday season. The sound of Christmas carols in cathedrals throughout the city help in spreading the Christmas vibe all over Paris. Other than the eye-catching decorations, various markets are also arranged in the city. Some of the main Christmas markets in Paris include Le Village de Noel, Abbesses Christmas Market and Marche de Noel. Marche de Noel in Notre Dame is one of the most visited markets in Paris. You can check out the holiday happenings at Marche de Noel here.These markets start setting up during November and carry on for days after Christmas. Bright and glimmering lights decorate the trees throughout the city.

Lapland, Finland

Christmas in Lapland. Finland
Lapland is one of the most significant European cities especially when it comes to Christmas. Home to Santa Claus himself, Lapland holds a very significant place in the respective folklore. During Christmas time, gleaming lights make the city look more stunning. You can also visit the Santa Village that lies on the Arctic Circle. You can have a real Christmas experience at this location. Whether it’s enjoying a reindeer ride or meeting Santa Claus himself, you can enjoy the real Christmas experience here. Travelers can also enjoy snowmobile safaris which make for an amazing travelling experience. The best part about visiting Lapland is the Northern Lights. The
Northern Lights make the sky more glimmering and enhance the overall Christmas experience.

London, England

London is one of the most visited destinations in Europe. Whether it’s Christmas time or not, awe-inspiring beauty engulfs London 365 days of the week. During Christmas time, the city becomes more illuminated. The cold and wintery holiday vibe spreads throughout the city. Trees and buildings throughout the city are heavily decorated. There are several different markets set up all over London. Tate Moderns is one of the biggest Christmas markets in the city. Carol concerts also add to the Christmas experience.
You can also visit the Mile End’s Ecology Pavilion. Different artists showcase their handmade dishes and crafts on Christmas. Visitors can buy all these items in the spirit of Christmas. The Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is also a great place to visit during Christmas time. One of the best sites to see in London during the holiday season is the Christmas tree on Trafalgar square. It is years old tradition to erect a Norway Spruce Christmas tree on Trafalgar square. The cutting
of the tree takes place in Norway around the month of November.

Prague, Czech Republic

Panoramic view from above of city skyline, illuminated buildings and traditional Christmas market on Old Town Square
Prague is another amazing European city that is full of light and decorations during Christmas. The city is known for its Christmas markets. It has one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Europe. People from all over the world visit Prague during the Christmas season just because of its Christmas markets. The market at Wenceslas Square is the best Christmas market where you can find a lot of Christmas decorations, sweet delights and many other amazing attractions. Like most of the other European cities, you are bound to find some amazing carol concerts throughout the city.

Tallinn, Estonia

Christmas tree and Christmas Market at Tallinn, Finland
Tallinn is one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe. Christmas villages are set up during the holiday season. Christmas villages are full of stalls where people sell food items and decorations. You can also experience many other entertaining things at these Christmas villages. The Christmas Market in Town Hall Square is one of the biggest attractions in the city. The best part about Tallinn is that the events like carol concerts and Christmas parties and celebrations carry on all night long.


These are five of the best Christmas destinations in Europe. However, the list doesn’t end here. Europe is full of many other awe-inspiring and stunning destinations that light up and glimmer during the Christmas time