Travel in Turkey by bus

General view of Bursa City. Travel in Turkey by bus

General view of Bursa City. Bursa is 5th biggest city in Turkey

Travel in Turkey by bus : main destinations by bus

Regarding to tourists comments after travelling to Turkey as well as historical existence, Turkey is one the most beautiful countries located in Europe and Asia. It is one of the only countries, which has a city that is in both of the continents and that is Istanbul. With a rich history and one of the most hospitable people on Earth, travel in Turkey by Bus is the best decision. Summer is almost upon us so here is your complete guide for travel to Turkey by bus to reach your desired location.

Main destinations in Turkey by bus

Turkey has so many places for you to travel that a single trip to Turkey would not suffice but here are some of the most preferred destinations in Turkey for tourists. Specially, the accessibility of bus lines in Turkey seems like best solution for tourists to enjoy their travel by bus.


No list of preferred destinations in Turkey would be complete without including Istanbul. It is the city which is one of the most traveled in the entire world and Turkey. Head to the Bosporus for some of the most beautiful views of the Istanbul city or visit one of the mosques scattered around the city such as the Blue Mosque.


It is one of the largest cities in Turkey and lies on the Aegean coast. Home to plenty of luxury hotels and historical sites to travel; check out Izmir to get a more cosmopolitan feel of the country. Coach Bus system gives priceless opportunity for travel to Turkey by bus in terms of affordable price and time availability.


Antalya plays important role in the travel lists of tourists for Turkey. It lies on the Mediterranean and enjoy beautiful weather all year round, Antalya is the city to visit to learn more about the extensive history of Turkey.

Main bus companies in Turkey

There are many bus companies which operate in Turkey that provide live moments to the full during travelling around Turkey but as a tourist to travel  you need an extra luxury, so we have prepared a list of the best companies for your travel in Turkey by bus :

Bus company Metro turizm

It is one of the best bus companies in Turkey and offers trips for tourists all around the country. Bus company which provides efficient transportation services to tourists in order to enjoy their travel to Turkey by bus.

Metro turizm logo

Metro turizm’s logo

Bus company Pamukkale

If you are looking for a friendly service and good company to travel in Turkey by bus then you need to try Pamukkale. With the accumulated experience the company stays one of the first positions in terms of customer satisfaction.

Pamukkale logo

Pamukkale’s logo

Bus company Kamil Koç

Perfection begins with Kamil Koç so head on the bus to travel around Turkey in style. Try Kamil Koç out to venture out in Turkey and explore the vast diversity of the country. Availability of large number of routes creates opportunity for travelling to Turkey’s all possible destinations.

Kamil Koç logo

Kamil Koç’s logo

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