Top 5 cities to visit in Romania

Photo of Bucharest in Romania, top 5 cities to visit in Romania

Photo of Bucharest in Romania, top 5 cities to visit in Romania ©Pixabay

Romania is the home to one of the most unique travel experiences. Its natural beauty is what makes it out stand the rest. The mountains that run through the centre of the country are surrounded by pine trees and green belts; Moreover, its cities untouched  by time take Romania to a whole new level. Also, the countryside is where the folkways are still in practise which makes it look no less than museums.
Following is the list of the top 5 cities to visit in Romania.

1. Sibiu- the city to visit at least twice

The first position of our “Top 5 cities to visit in Romania” is taken by Sibiu. This city is incredibly charming, situated in the middle of the country. Germans were the very first settlers who came in 1191; While World War II changed the city’s outlook, there are still Germans living in the area –which also includes the president, Klaus Johannis. Stroll around this dazzling place, and after that you can go to the ethnographic museum to know more about the diversity that existed and how they lived together for a considerable amount of time.

Popular tourist attractions in Sibiu

  • The Council Tower
  • The Large Square
  • The Bridge of Lies
  • Brukenthal Museum
  • A beautiful Chirstmas market during the winter holidays
Piata Mare (Large square) in Sibiu, Romania

Piata Mare (Large square) in Sibiu, Romania after Christmas time // Image Adobe Stock / Sergey Novikov

2. Sighisoara, one of the top 5 cities to visit in Romania

The second city from our top is Sighisoara. This beautiful city you must visit is in the list of UNESCOs prestigious sites and also the home to the famous character Vlad the Impaler, but no need to be afraid, this city is breathtaking with lots of narrow alleyways surrounded by candy coloured houses. It’s surely looks nothing less than a story tale. More than that, the exquisite and long lasting towers add up to the wonderful landscape of the country. If you’re in Romania, you can’t miss out on this one.

Popular tourist attractions  in Sighisoara

  • Citadel Square
  • Clock Tower
  • Church on the Hill
  • Scholar’s Stairway
Photo of Sighisoara, Romania

Photo of Sighisoara, Romania ©Pixabay

3. Brasov

While some of the cities may pretend to be old, Brasov really is. It is one of the most visited cities in Romania and that’s surely no surprise. There’s so much you can do here, starting from the medieval churches, the mountains surrounded by pine trees, walk your way through the medieval streets where you’ll find traditional café’s and loads of street food vendors. Furthermore, the castle covered with stones with the most amazing view is also something you’d want to check on your list during summer time.

Popular tourist attractions you must visit in Brasov

  • Brasov Historical Centre
  • Council Square
  • Bran Castle
  • Mount Tampa
  • Black Church
BRASOV, TRANSYLVANIA, ROMANIA. The old city center called Piata Sfatului. Important tourist attraction. One of the best cities in Transylvania. Artistic interpretation, mirror effect.

Brasov, Transylvania, Romania. The old city center called Piata Sfatului, interpretation, mirror effect. ©AdobeStock

 4. Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca or Cluj is also called the treasure city because of its rich history that has castles, churches, museums and is also said to be one of the most poetic city of Romania. Its architecture and diversity is also something that cannot be left behind. For any person looking for romance, culture, traditional food, Cluj is surely the place to visit. Also, it is called the youth capital of Europe, which makes this city a perfect blend of hipsters and culture combined.

Popular tourist attractions in Cluj-Napoca

  • Union Square
  • St. Michael’s Church
  • Fortress Hill
  • Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden
Michael's church and Matthias Corvinus monument in Cluj Napoca in Romania

Michael’s church and Matthias Corvinus monument in Cluj Napoca in Romania ©AdobeStock

5. Timisoara

This city lies in the Banath region which is also ethnically diverse and has existed for almost 800 years. Timisoara should be in our top 5 cities you must visit in Romania because as it has been ruled by Hungary, Ottomans, Austrians, the cultural diversity is something that is unparalleled. Even though the majority are Romanian, the diversity is seen in the architecture which you can also experience while walking around the streets of Timisoara. The city offers many cafes and chic restaurants along with the flamboyant night life which makes it the all round destination.

Popular tourist attractions you must visit in Timisoara

  • Union Square
  • Roses Park
  • Huniade Castle
  • Victory Square
  • Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral
timisoara city romania roman catholic dome landmark architecture panorama

Timisoara city Romania roman catholic dome landmark architecture panorama ©AdobeStock

How you can get to the top 5 cities to visit in Romania?

There is a lot of ways you of how you can travel to Romania.

The quickest way to get in Romania is by plane. A good reason for choosing this is because the best-known low cost carriers like WizzAir, Ryanair and BlueAir operates the main european routes which connect the biggest cities like Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi for discovering its culture and people.

If you want to travel with comfort and to admire the nature with its breathtaking landscapes you can choose the train. That’s the cheapest way and you can arrive almost in every point you want because all the towns, even small villages have a train station. The most important railway company is even the national one, CFR. It has routes with direct trains from Budapesta, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Vienne and many more.

Another way to get quick and cheap  In Romania is by coach. There is a lot of international bus companies like FlixBus or Eurolines that have a route network with more than 700 destinations. Travelling by coach can offer you facilities like Wi FI, air conditioning, electricity and much more.

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