Weekend trips from London, UK: Top 5

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London, UK

© Adobe Stock: Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London, UK

Looking for weekend getaways? want to escape the city life? UK is considered to be the best European tourist destination that allows you to witness its historic places, prominent museums, castles, sceneries and many more by train, bus, car hire and flights.


top 5 weekend getaways in UK

© Adobe Stock: River Ouse in York, UK

UK Is one of the largest and historic places in London, UK and referred as “God’s own country” because there is no place on earth like it, with beautiful landscapes, sceneries, wildlife and with maximum numbers of Michelin-starred restaurants owned by any country. Yorkshire is the birthplace of the great explorer, navigator and cartographer Captain James Cook, who can forget the first female pilot Amy Johnson and some other inventors, historians, famous celebrities.

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top 5 weekend getaways in UK Cotswolds

© Adobe Stock: Cottages along High Street, Cotswolds, UK.

A place with towns and villages which shines gloriously, covered with honey color from another era to this 21st century, with just 2h31 min by car. The villages at Cotswolds are typically made with Cotswold stones. Best time to visit during summer for a weekend trip from London, UK and for being a spectator of its evenings with magical light. Come and feel refreshed at the award-winning spa C-Side, visit 17th-century heritage building Tewkesbury Heritage Centre, if you want to see the miniature version of the actual village where you will be the giants The Model Village and a place suitable for a family outing, wedding, children’s day out, banquets. Where the same family is residing since 27 generations Berkeley Castle.

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top 5 weekend getaways in UK Devon

© Pixabay, Devon

Want to spend family time with peace, relaxation and some adventure? come and visit a place with glorious beaches, countryside with its natural habitat, and museums at Devon. People are drawn towards the mild climate of Devon, coastline, and landscape, national parks, resort towns for the weekend. Birthplace of cream tea, involving scones, jam, and clotted cream. Main attractions include Woodlands Family Theme Park, Penny Well Farm and some more. Situated not far than 3h from the city London by bus or you can take your car which will take not more than 4h.

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top 5 weekend getaways in UK Lake District

© Adobe Stock: Lake District, UK.

Known as Lakeland is definitely not to miss. Lake district one of the finest scenery and greenest countryside. Thrilled for the adventure and want to explore outdoor by hiking or riding bike? this place is for you. What can be best than visiting this mountainous region on a perfect weekend this summer? Adventurous location at just 3h far from London by train. The famous poet William Wordsworth was born in Cockermouth and the inspiration behind his work was these beautiful landscapes.


Top 5 weekend getaways in UK Norfolk

© Adobe Stock: River Wensum, Norfolk, UK

UK Is a county in East Anglia with a great network of rivers, lakes, and parks. Sometimes people are also called “Norfolk dumplings”, as it was a part of the traditional diet. Seaside resorts, beaches, reserves and if you are a bird lover, they have coastal areas with wild bird sanctuaries. Amuse yourself with the parks and zoo as well. Outdoor activities boating/sailing, cycling, golfing and visits to beaches, historic churches and cathedrals. You can find all of these in the UK. Pack your bags and take a long drive of not more than 3 hours and voila you are at your destination.